Zucchini – End of Summer Bounty!

In the summer garden, zucchini is the gift that keeps on giving!  Plant it once and watch it take off!  As a child my parents converted the back half of our large backyard to a garden.  They composted, tilled and planted and all summer long we enjoyed the bounty!  Corn, tomatoes, lettuces, beans and zucchini, zucchini . . . → Read More: Zucchini – End of Summer Bounty!

A Visit to C.J.Olson Cherries

Wow! What a wonderful trip to this icon of fruit farms in Sunnyvale, California! A group of us visited C.J.Olson Cherries www.cjolsoncherries.com for a tour of their orchard and retail store. We were joined by Kellie an employee of Martha Stewart who has recently moved to San Francisco from New York. Our guide . . . → Read More: A Visit to C.J.Olson Cherries

Salmon Spells Summer!

Salmon is one of my favorite fish to prepare and to enjoy! One of my fondest memories spent with my mom who recently passed was going to the Santa Cruz boardwalk and getting a nice big piece of freshly smoked salmon to share while watching the people fishing on the pier . . . → Read More: Salmon Spells Summer!

Asparagus – One of Spring’s First Vegetables!

April Favorite Food Pick

As a child, I hated asparagus!  I will have to say it’s one of those foods that was an acquired taste for me.  It was years before I was willing to try it again after the first time I tasted it.  Maybe that is because it was so mushy and . . . → Read More: Asparagus – One of Spring’s First Vegetables!

Dealing with all these apples

By Chef Polina, www.caliblini.com

My friends’ apple tree has gone crazy this year. It’s seriously over-producing. There are more apples then leaves, and the branches bend all the way to the ground and threaten to break. My friends use any excuse to get me over to their place to pick apples.

The apples are Rome Beauties, medium-size, firm, . . . → Read More: Dealing with all these apples