Earlier this month Elizabeth Bourget, Kara Lee Falcon and Garbo attended the 20th annual USPCA Conference in Orlando, FL. The classes I attended were quite good. I particularly enjoyed the Food and Wine Pairing Classes and the Food Photography and Styling class taught by Helen Dujardin. Although the conference was lightly attended, our new leader, Larry Lynch, spared no expenses when it came to food. All meals were excellent! Below are some photos of the meals we enjoyed during the day and our evenings at night at Disney World.

USPCA Kick Off Cocktails Party - Cucumber Appetizers


2011 USPCA Conference - Tomato Salad


2011 USPCA Conference - Dessert Plate


2011 USPCA Conference - Dessert Plate 2


Digital Food Photography & Styling by Helen Dujardin- Garbo's Plate


Chef Vince Likar, Garbo & Canadian USPCA Chef


L to R: Kara, Elizabeth & Garbo at Disneyworld Downtown Bus Stop


Disneyworld European Villages


Epcot Center at Dusk


Dark Side of the Epcot Center and the Moon


Overall the 20th Annual USPCA Conference was a more intimate affair and definitely worth the journey across the country.  I look forward to the 2013 Conference in Orlando again!

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